Tonkawa Elders minutes

TONKAWA San Diego Elders Club

June 8, 2014 1-3pm
Attending today was:  Jerry and his assistant Rachel, Jean, Roy and Juan del Rio. A small but mighty group!

This day our blessing was by Jerry Starnes. His prayer called upon the Creator and went out to benefit the members who could not make it today and their families. Also to those who could benefit from prayer especially those under stress or illness.

Pow wow news included: San Luis ‘Fathers Day’ pow wow and the August 2 & 3, 14 CV pow wow on the Bay. Tonkawa luncheon selections were most appropriate to the season and appetites. In fine San Diego sunny brisk weather, selections were all very tasty and healthy choices that added to the opportunity of community. There was a Chili with beans main dishes\. Many excellent salads and an outstanding fruit and berry salad. It is a fine day when we can again gather together few or many in fellowship and feast and enjoy each others’ life experiences in good company.

Everyone is welcome maybe we will see you next month!

Bayside Community Center (Corner of Linda Vista and Comstock)

2202 Comstock St. (Parking ½ blocks down Kelly frontage St.)

Bayside Community Center 2202 Comstock St.

San Diego, CA 92111
Get directions


Respectfully submitted: TONKAWA Secretary Roy Cook

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